Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Make a Very simple Php News Technique

Howdy and welcome to my tutorial!

Now lets get started!

1st we may likely want to make the table in MySQL chosen to keep our information in!

The SQL file seems like this:

paste that into a text document and save it as information.sql (Try to remember to pick "All Files..."

Now lets get started on the solution! 1st we will make the script that gathers the information and outputs them and then we will make the script that adds the information to the database!

Action 1:

Get started with by setting up a file called index.php in your webserver.

In that file we will of training course get started by producing the PHP opening tags like this:

Action 2:

Now we will join to our MySQL server by by means of mysql_join() and mysql_pick_db() like this:

Now we are related to the database!

Action three:

Now lets collect the information and output them! Like this:

Posted at ".$r['date']." by ".$r['author']."" echo $r['content']."" } ?>

Now we are executed with the script outputs the information!

Action four:

Now lets make the script that inserts the information into the database! It seems like this:

now save that as acp.php.

Now you happen to be executed!

Now you have a information solution where by you can put up information from acp.php and see the information you posted on index.php!

Thank you for reading through!

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