Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sakshi Telugu News Paper - Sakshi Loved ones for Youngsters, Day to Day Specials Portion 4

Portion four of Sakshi telugu news paper each day specials. Sakshi Household is the most exciting portion of the Sakshi telugu news paper that tends to make this paper exceptional. It has exciting sections of which the final 4 pages are much more entertaining.

This covers the final portion of this series, Sakshi Household. For normal sections go to portion 1, for small business section go to portion 3 and for the initially half of Sakshi Household go to portion 2.

Sakshi Household sections final 4 pages start out again following this. This time the glamour section is repeated again at fifth page (Cinema) with data only on telugu films, schedules, releases and so forth.

The sixth page named Vendi Thera contains data about film shows, theatres and timings in that particular city or close to by towns, then all the Television shows and timings data with initially one particular as Sakshi Television which is the Television portion owned by the head of the Sakshi news paper. This is a lot like the Eenadu news paper does even though that attributes detailed coverage on Eenadu Tv shows.

The seventh page is named Vidya, education connected section with points, news, sample model papers and so forth. on competitive exams and common studies. It is also normal on all days.

The final page of Household section is most exciting but it is primarily for youngsters named as Kids Unique section. This contains a short story, Mother Earth, Mother Told, Tell Daddy, Crossword for Telugu to English words, Cartoon story, a drawable or colorable picture, English Proverbs clarify in Telugu commonly with comparable meaning Telugu proverbs, A 6x6 version of their personal Sudoku, and a visual test to detect five differences in two comparable pictures.

With this the complete coverage on day to day specials ends. Sakshi telugu news paper is a exceptional kind of paper because of not just the news and data that is published daily but also the periodic nature of range sections and the way the news is organized page following page with paragraph following paragraph, block following block and image following image, everything placed with a properly planned outline to make it a particular paper that stands out ahead of competition.

There is one particular exciting thing that I had noticed with this paper. You can take the Sakshi news paper and pull out any section, then acquire that it does not disturb the continuity of any section. Simply because the paper locations some parts of the similar section on unique pages of the paper so that they are on the 4 sides of the similar paper because the sixteen page primary paper contains 4 front to back pages.

You can see this with State level news, Sakshi Nearby News, National news, Small business, Cinema section, and so forth. This tends to make handling the paper highly easy!

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