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Recently, Keith Olbermann, on his MSNBC news show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, cited Fox News as the "worst persons in the globe." He claimed that the Fox News Channel is blatant suitable-wing propaganda. He also noted that President Obama, in a recent Tv interview (the very same interview, incidentally, as the now-notorious fly-swatting incident, in which, according to news reports on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and elsewhere, the President demonstrates his "impressive fly-swatting expertise") claimed that there was at least one news channel devoted to undermining his administration at all costs. Olbermann suggests that the President was referring to Fox News.

Back in the day when the Republicans controlled each houses as properly as the Presidency, a period that may properly go down in history as a modern-day Dark Ages or Reign of Terror, the Fox News channel was considered to be the bastion of credible news. So significantly so that all other news agencies were too afraid even to question their authority.

Fox News, owned by Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., had started on the premise that conventional news sources like CNN and network news operated on a principle of a subtle left-wing cultural bias resulting from the educational and social milieu of their journalists. The remedy that Fox News apparently proposed was to dedicate a news channel to supposedly "fair and balanced" news coverage. "Fair and balanced" became their watchword, but it soon proved to be ironic. Over time, their supposedly objective news coverage has been exposed as suitable-wing propaganda that was pretty blatantly pandering to the Bush administration when they were in power.

This brings us to MSNBC's news lineup. MSNBC is a news channel that is created as a joint venture, as the name suggests, in between Microsoft (the monolithic software program giant founded by Bill Gates) and NBC. Their lineup of news shows supposedly gives us the option to Fox News, but, as implied by Keith Olbermann, what they are truly providing us is left-wing propaganda that panders to the Obama administration.

The tragic consequence of all this government pandering and institutional propaganda is that the number-one casualty in mainstream news coverage is credibility. Exactly where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of now, with their beautiful exposs of corruption in high places? Unquestionably not at either Fox News or MSNBC.

Possibly the answer to exactly where we can come across credible news sources lies with CNN-nevertheless bland and presenting the faade of objectivity when concealing a subtle left-wing bias-who now, apparently, resorts to blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts to supplement their on-web page correspondent reports. CNN even encourages you to submit amateur videos via the "iReport" section on their internet site, which permits them to function the videos on their news shows immediately after a approach of vetting and verification. In reality, in the ongoing Iranian uprisings, exactly where mainstream journalists are being banned and extradited by the authoritarian Iranian regime, western news sources are getting to rely on Twitter feeds, blogs and amateur video from Iranian citizens as their news sources.

This brings us to the argument that mainstream news organizations have recently been generating against the Blogsphere, specifically in the wake of such recent films as State of Play, directed by Kevin Macdonald, namely that the Blogsphere is composed primarily of amateurs who are out of their depth, whereas if you are searching for cutting-edge Woodward-and-Bernstein style in-depth reporting, you will come across it only at the important news organizations who have the expertise and resources at their disposal to support that kind of news coverage.

The reality-at least two of the so-called important news organizations are devoted to producing partisan propaganda that pretty shamelessly panders to politicians when the third is increasingly resorting to the Blogsphere to supply its news sources. As for Woodward and Bernstein, they are each retired and writing books for a living.

The moral of the story appears to be, for this reason, that if you are searching for cutting-edge journalism, skip the news networks and, rather, check out the Blogsphere!

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