Monday, May 21, 2012

Google will halt the information archive undertaking - Online business - Compact Online business

Beijing time Would probably 20, in accordance to foreign media reviews news on Thursday to newspaper publishers, Google, claims will stop to keep going to put into practice the "news archive" project, but for existing electronic news archive keep going to give you assist. This project has been implemented for five yrs, Google has accumulated scanned the sixty million pages, covering 250 yrs background.

On Thursday the newspaper publisher sent in an E-mail, Google said its "News Archive" (News Archive) project will discontinue to be given, scanning and index newspaper archives content, Google will target on "for this industry has assisted new projects, these types of as Google a-a particular Pass project, the platform benefit merchant through their web page right to market articles and other content and accept subscription.

Google five yrs ago started off the "news archive" project, which aims to aged newspapers stored for electronic model, the identical related to Google in Guides energy. As Google news archive element of the project, to Google give you newspaper, merchant to Google is scanning the newspapers and the index, building electronic archives. Google and newspaper publishers to these files are divided into earnings page views. Google said the ultimate project has scanned the sixty million pages, covering 250 yrs background.

This is a enjoyable project, these types of as the person can get out about British Sex Pistols band in 1978 from America's previous concert 21 reviews, can even get simply because 1860. Some of the news reviews simply because

But some newspaper complained that, upon Google in speedy scanning for these files processing speed also gradual. For example the newspaper Phoenix to Google offers coverage decades of newspapers content, but only a minor element of profitable web based.

For a lot of papers, particularly difficult to shell out significant expense of minor file scanning for Google news, newspaper archives project is helpful for Google, which is favorable. In addition, the project can give you a window, make consumers see the era earlier than the World wide web newspaper.

Archives web based will in many instances lead to copyright disputes, but in news archive project, Google and launched no pure text information, but also offers immediate search the total newspaper page picture files, and avoids and flexibility of copyright disputes somewhere between the.

It is noted, in purchase to distinguish the ancient newspaper print and microfilming Google had the handwriting, use Google maps technology to decoding. But considering that newspapers layout, there are great and advanced than jumping, as a result column publications increased difficult to index. This involves a lot of human or stringent calculation solution.

Google did not expose why discontinue news archive project, but can guess, it's possible this technique than Google expected, or increased difficult to bring in focus these files page underneath anticipations.

The merchant in the Google mail, said, will keep going to have to scan and index files assist. Google claims: "but we didn't system for electronic news solution start new functionality or companies." Google by now scanning newspapers would complete the index technique is however deserves more focus.

Google and companion agreements signed somewhere between the initial purchase regulation, Google has scanned in the future the newspaper when electronic articles and other content to shell out. But now Google has abandoned the costs. Google is not only for the newspaper publishers offer at no cost these scans, and enable them to file with each other with other companions issued these articles and other content. That is to say, in the total news archive project implementation technique, Google just scanned the newspaper industry give you a lot of articles and other content, then will the articles and other content to the merchant.

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