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Huge-Tech Reasonable to increase e-commerce by SMEs in the knowledge expertise revolution - SMEs, the fa - Online business

2009 9 14 the formal approval of the State Enhancement and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce of Shenzhen to develop quot the primary country Electronic Business Design City quot the moment yet again usher in the growth of new chances in Shenzhen September 19 the Shenzhen Night News reports Guangdong 15 departments would be found Network The spokesman marking and even Shenzhen Guangdong Province has begun to vigorously showcase the growth of e commerce November 16 21 on the 11th China Hi Tech Fair held in Shenzhen which would mean that that Shenzhen will desire in purchase to strengthen market competitiveness expanding urban growth room as the core carefully close to the metropolis 39 s chief activity of a product to play the part of regional radiation and the nationwide product to look into the growth product of digital commerce with Chinese attributes br br To make it possible for common entry to apps business enterprise e commerce in China do It is comprehended that the Shenzhen Jianhua Porter Network Engineering Co Ltd produced PT37 www PT37 com intelligent e business enterprise particulars system for general public incubator specializing in regional metropolitan areas industrial parks bodily mall producing entities the market enterprises homeowners and specific users to make their very own independent hatching quot intelligent e commerce transaction particulars portal system quot that quot Trading Portal intelligent robot quot the market to acquire business enterprise exclusive use of e common entry business enterprise particulars consequently not difficult to B2B business enterprise to business enterprise B2C Business to Buyer C2C human being to human being C2B exclusive business enterprise e commerce transactions at any time anywhere B2E business enterprise to house staff members E2B internal staff members on business enterprise B2H business enterprise prospects H2B Client to Business integration built-in administration Xpress butt f-r-e-e via the internet quot e federal government quot in C2G about the Authorities G2C Authorities to the specific B2G Business to Authorities G2B federal government to business enterprise e federal government services so as to know a one stop e commerce particulars technological know-how operations boosting China 39 s enterprise e business enterprise particulars revolution The hatching pattern of subversion of the common idea of e business enterprise apps of particulars technological know-how network cloud level in the future in which gigantic quantities of info sources to smart looking tutorial passive mode of operation of the robot can not exchange the handbook workload and do the trick to acquire a in depth nationwide common application of fashionable e commerce particulars PT37 Shenzhen E commerce has turned out to be a growing quot new forces quot br br In addition PT37 make their very own e commerce particulars system is extremely handy just as very simple as w e registered mail corporate prospects as extensive as the system for PT37 registered members serious names can be conditional upon the appropriate ranges of membership to turned out to be an on the spot will have an autonomous administration of quot e commerce transaction particulars portal system quot Generating business enterprise at any time anywhere blossoms freely in business enterprise administration particulars e business enterprise particulars current market the actual state of affairs synchronous investing Not only decreases the enlargement of the huge amount but also tends to make the mall and business enterprise transactions can be vertical to greatly reduce intermediate one-way links and expand the transparency of particulars to obtain time expand money turnover rate conserve a gigantic total of publicity expenditures and administrative expenditures br br PT37 drastically promoted the specialized innovation of e business enterprise PT37 responsible human being PT 37 acquire exclusive internal administration particulars and exterior transactions seamless docking portal throughout the application of intelligent looking tutorial robot built-in The web sources at the rear of the liberation of the common handbook way replicate the guy machine dialogue and depth of services to intelligent search particulars gathering executed release issued purchase complement transactions and built-in services the implementation does not cross system treatment on the one stop intelligent individualized e business enterprise particulars demands and services so that line market sector men and women vendors can diffuse e commerce and administration particulars br br Shenzhen was the birthplace of the domestic The web vendors and gathering place 2000 ages ago 60 of domestic The web vendors registered in Shenzhen In the enterprise network Ming Wan Mei Shangwang CDC headquarters was found in Shenzhen nowadays Baidu South China Headquarters World wide Sources Ch ina operations headquarters carefree future operational headquarters in China the corporate headquarters network in South China Ming million Network South headquarters PT37 headquarters are found in Shenzhen br br Finance Disaster in the new financial product and structural remodeling of the setting the country at a hundred million various types of enterprises will want to improve e business enterprise apps of particulars PT37 e commerce particulars system for the emergence of general public hatching improved the business enterprise e commerce constrained to via the internet transactions via the internet promotion of the watch make the The web into a device from one channel to the internal administration program and exterior e commerce program for pure The open up and blending collectively to speed up the promotion of common enterprises very small and medium enterprises know the course of action of e commerce particulars revolution

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